Dicke Wirtin - Alt Berliner Traditions Restaurant am Savigny Platz
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Buffet & Menues

Buffet & Menues

Dit find ick knorke !

For groups from 20 persons we have 2 different offers: Our Rustic Berlin Buffet or
3 different group menus. We are also happy to put together a menu according to your wishes.

Just contact us!

Rustic Berlin buffet

from 20 persons
Pre-order requested
Rustic Berlin Buffet
Butter & lard
Mixed breadbasket
potato soup with knacker slices
Pickled salmon cream horseradish
Mixed salad
Cucumber, tomatoes,
peppers, red onions
Small meatballs, Berlin style
Small „Schnitzel“
Potato salad, vinegar & oil
Solid roast pork
with sauce of dark beer,
red cabbage & boiled potatoes
Vegetables casserole
Curried Sausage – Berlin style –
(60s years) KäseIgel with mix of
pimples and fruit
Red fruit jelly & chocolate pudding
with custard
„Kalter Hund“ cold chocolate butter biscuits

Price per person 23,50 €

Group menus

from 20 persons
Pre-order requested

Menu 1
Hotpot of the week (surprise!)
Schnitzel ~ DICKE WIRTIN ~
Breaded pork cutlet, warm potato salad,
cucumber salad
Red fruit jelly with custard

Menu 2
Small mixed salad
Beef goulash with pasta
Chocolate pudding
with custard

Menu 3
potato soup with knacker slices
Meatball, roast pork, 1/2 curried sausage,
red cabbage, potatoes, beetroot
Red fruit jelly
with vanilla icecream

Price per menu 20,90 €

In-house liqueurs & brandies
Reservation request