Nenn Andenken für Zuhause

If you are looking for a gift, then perhaps we have just the right product here from and from the Dicken Wirtin. We always try hard to have a new idea so that you can make yourself or others a joy.

Dicke Wirtin coffee pot

Printed coffee pot
in white and with handle

Price per pot 6,50 €
Dicke Wirtin Fan Polo Shirt

Embroidered Fan Polo Shirt
available in different sizes

Price per shirt 30,00 €
Dicke Wirtin carrier bag

Printed Dicke Wirtin carrier bag
colour natural – size uniform

Price per carrier bag 4.50 €
Dicke Wirtin thermo cups

Printed Dicke Wirtin thermo cups

Price per cup  14,50 €
Dicke Wirtin bottle opener

Printed Dicke Wirtin bottle opener
colour white – size uniform

Price per bottle opener 3.00 €
Souvenir Medaille

Your coin as a souvenir
Size: 5 Cent piece
with original thick hostess embossing

Price per coin 1,00 €
In-house liqueurs & brandies